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Our highly qualified and experienced dispensing staff at Zacks London Eye Clinics (Islington, London N1 and Fitzrovia, London W1) provide detailed unbiased advice on progressive, varifocal spectacle lenses without obligation or pressure.

Progressive Lenses (Varifocals)

Progressive lenses also known as varifocals, are designed to counter presbyopia, which usually begins to affect us in our forties. As our eyes mature, the nearest point of vision that we can focus on becomes further away and so reading and other near vision activities become more difficult. Progressive lenses correct the effects of presbyopia with a gradual change in prescription from distance to near vision, restoring your natural vision without the unsightly segmentation lines or image jumps experienced with bifocals. The latest progressive lenses provide complete focussing freedom in all the visual zones to make your vision as simple and natural as possible.




 Nikon offer a range of different varifocals to suit every budget and most spectacle prescriptions. Nikon Seemax, Presio W, Digital i & Move are available in different refractive indices influencing lens thickness and weight and are also available with Transition VI technology and coatings to reduce smudges and dust.


Varilux by Essilor


 Varilux varifocals can be fitted into most frames and offer a range of different refractive indices. Varilux Physio, Panamic, Comfort, Ellipse & Liberty varifocals provide an extensive selection to suit most patients' budgets and requirements. Also available with Crizal coatings, Scotchgard and Transition VI technology.


Progressives by Seiko

The progressive lens SEIKO NEO is made for the individual. Regardless of whether you are hiking, driving, concentrating in front of a PC or relaxing with a book, SEIKO ‘individual’ progressives guarantee comfortable vision as they are made precisely according to your requirements. The SEIKO NEO lens was awarded the Japanese product design prize of the JIDPO (Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organisation), the “Good Design Award 2003-2004”.

Other Progressive Lens Manufacturers

At Zacks London Eye Clinics (Islington, London N1 and Fitzrovia, London W1) we also use several other lens manufacturers for varifocals such as Zeiss and Hoya.





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